How It All Began.....

The idea behind the Getaway City band goes back over thirty years.  It started one night when Kent was watching his favorite t.v. show of the time, "B.J. and the Bear".  If you're not familiar with the show, it starred Greg Evigan as truck driver B.J. McKay.  B.J. traveled the country in his Kenworth with his best friend "Bear"-a chimpanzee.  1981 was the show's last season and saw B.J. and Bear move to sunny California to open their own trucking company.  B.J. hired seven beautiful women to drive semi trucks for him.

Greg playing tenor sax-circa 1981

Kent was watching the episode "The Blonde in a Gilded Cage" which had "Stacks" (played by Judy Landers) getting kidnapped by a evil music tycoon.  B.J. reunites with his old band to get closer to the villian and then free "Stacks". 

 In reality, the show featured Greg Evigan's real-life band playing.  The song they played, "People I Know" became a favorite of Kent's for many years.  He so loved Greg's band that he "officially" became a member and spent the next several years jamming with them.  Even though it was usually at home or a practice room in college, it gave a chance for a young musician to dream of bigger & better things to come. 


Greg Evigan performing with his band "GhettoWay City".  Circa 1981.

Greg's band was actually called "GHETTOWAY CITY" and not "Getaway City" like Kent originally thought.  It was only after reading a magazine article a few years later that Kent learned of his mistake.  By then Kent had been jamming with his "fictitious" band "Getaway City" for enough years that it stuck and he never bothered to change it.

Jump ahead to 2012.  The band Kent was in was taking a different direction than what he wanted to be a part of.  This made Kent decide it was time to venture out on his own at last.  He would form what he had dreamed Getaway City could be for all this time-one of the finest, most energetic, fun to watch bands in the area.

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