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Kirsten plays a beautiful natural finish set of Pearl Vision drums from West Music in Cedar Rapids.  Her set includes 10", 12", and 18" toms and 22" bass drum.  She sports a sweet Ludwig chrome finish snare and tops her set off with Sabian 16", 18", and 20" ride cymbals.  Rounding out her set is the world's best cowbell; which we all know gets used a lot can NEVER have enough cowbell!!

Dennis has three bass guitars he plays.  For many years he used a Squier Jazz bass.  He also has a beautiful old Gibson  SG from the sixties and now has a new sunburst Rogue bass that may remind some of you of a famous bass played by a certain Beatle named Paul.


Dennis' bass amplifiers include a Hartke A-100 and Fender Rumble .  The Hartke model of amplifier is not terribly well-known in the music world, but those bass guitarists who have had the opportunity to play one really like them.  As a solid state amplifier, the Hartke bass amplifiers feature a seven band graphic equalizer.  This allows dialing in any type of sound he desires, from deep dark, lows to bright, full, and rich highs with lots of punch. 

The Fender Rumble is a lightweight 34 lb. amplifier that indeed does rumble.  Dennis enjoys it being light as well as the many different tones it produces.

Amanda now has a new keyboard and amp.  She plays a Yamaha CP-40 stage piano and runs sound through a LTO 1100 watt 2x12 cabinet.

This keyboard has every sound imaginable. Classic keyboard sounds of the 1980's Yamaha digital pianos, Hammond B-3, Fender Rhodes, and many others.

Her amplifier is awesome too.  Plenty of power for any size gig the band plays.

Kent's main amplifier set-up is pictured here at left.  It consists of two 1999 Kustom TRT 50 ampheads and an authentic 1971 Kustom 2x15 speaker cabinet. 

The Kustom TRT series was an attempt to resurrect life back into the classic "tuck & roll" amplifiers of the late sixties.  However unlike those amplifiers, the TRT series were all tube driven and not solid state.  The TRT 50 series were rated 50 watts.  There were also TRT 100 and TRT 200 series amplifiers available in a wide variety of colors.

Kent also plays through a mint condition 1970 Kustom 2x12 speaker cabinet hooked to an Orange Tiny Terror 15 watt amphead for smaller venues. 

Kent's main guitar is his beloved 1991 Black Beauty model named "Proud Mary". This guitar was his college graduation gift from his Grandma & Grandpa Aschenbrenner.  He knew when he saw this guitar that "it was the ONE I'd come home with." She was bought at Carma Lou's House of Music in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

"Mary" began a love of Gibson Les Paul Customs that has lasted all of Kent's playing years.  Kent says that of all the guitars he's played over the years, Mary will forever be his "Number One" like "First Wife" was for Stevie Ray. 

The only refitting "Mary" has had done is Kent replaced her stock knobs with gold witch hat knobs and added his initials to the pickguard.

Kent finally found his now number two guitar, "Lisa" in May 2014.  This is a 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom that features the very rare tobacco sunburst finish.  This particular model & year eluded Kent for nearly ten years before he finally found it on Guitar Center's website.  It was given to him for his birthday, Father's Day, anniversary, and Christmas present for the next two years.

This guitar pays tribute to the rare tobacco sunburst finish Custom John Fogerty played during CCR's trio years circa '71 & '72.  Few photos exist of John playing the tobacco sunburst, but thanks to Google that luckily changed.  She was made at the Gibson plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Also a product of the Kalamazoo plant is "Katy", Kent's 1971 cherry sunburst LPC.  This guitar is the oldest in Kent's collection and was bought as a nonworking project guitar on Ebay.  Kent loved the road-worn look this guitar had and decided to take a chance on bidding.

Kent enlisted the help of master guitar luthier Tom Beilefeldt to repair the guitar and make it play worthy again.  Tom found authentic vintage humbucker pickups, knobs, and other parts and installed them along with giving the guitar a complete overhaul. She plays like a dream now and is a great addition to play. 

Kent's newest Les Paul Custom is a 2011 model named "Twenty."


This guitar was bought nearly twenty years to the day after his Black Beauty. Kent thought it was only fitting to complete the set and buy a white guitar to go with his black one. Friends sometimes refer to both guitars as the "salt & pepper" set.


Twenty was bought at Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  She was a product of the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, TN and has a "reliced" look made to resemble a vintage guitar. 

Twenty has seen her share of hard knocks.  Bad luck has struck twice in the same position on her neck resulting in her being rebuilt both in 2014 and 2016.  Thanks to Karl, Phil, and Dave at Dave's Guitar Shop, she is FINALLY back in the line-up and looks as good as new.

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