Live At Eagle's Landing Winery Live At Eagle's Landing Winery Sound check time for the keyboard 203430790 Setting up for a great afternoon in Marquette 203430791 As always, Chris Haker has the sound under control 203430792 Time to start an afternoon of music at Eagle's Landing Winery from Getaway City! 203430793 203430800 Eagles Landing Winery main tasting room in Marquette 203430816 203430794 203430796 203430797 203430798 203430799 203430801 203430802 203430803 203430804 203430805 Owner Cindy Halverson enjoying the music and seeing friends 203430807 203430808 203430810 203430811 Dennis, Kirsten, and Kent "Takin' It Easy" 203430812 Many people enjoying great wine, great weather and great music 203430813 Always fun to play for a great crowd like today 203430814 Another pic of the great crowd enjoying the afternoon with Getaway City 203430815