LIve at Marquette (July 2nd) LIve at Marquette (July 2nd) The band along the river 202238898 Ironic that Dennis, Amanda, are with a tree by a tree! 202238899 Peek a boo 202238900 And suddenly..... 202238902 Three-fourths of the band grew a foot! 202238901 Amanda is ready to play this gig 202238903 Kent and his beloved '91 202238907 Dennis, his Rogue bass, and cool hat 202238908 Kent having some with his wireless as Amanda smiles 202238910 A fitting SRV tribute to the Mighty Miss 202238911 Up close with the Kustoms and a barge 202238912 Amanda and Dennis 202238913 Kent and Kirsten 202238914 Great group shot of the band in action 202238915 Our young fans 202238916 202238917 Some of the crowd enjoying the music 202238918 Old Glory proudly on display by the band 202238919 Another great group shot of the band 202238920 Amanda and Dennis sing "Take It Easy" 202238921 Kfod rocking the skins 202238922 Rolling on the river 202238923 Kirsten enjoying the river 202238924 Dennis sings the "Blue Suede Shoes" medley 202238925