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 Getaway City Is.....

Getaway City is the band of choice when it comes to fun, energetic live music in the Cedar Valley. Getaway City pays special tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival and Stevie Ray Vaughan along with many other artists from the late sixties through the early eighties.  The band has performed all over East Central Iowa from the smallest private parties to over 10,000 bicyclists on the 2012 RAGBRAI.  They pride themselves that their music is set to a comfortable level for listening and dancing to and have become well-known for their fun and energetic stage presence.

Getaway City is led by lead guitarist/vocalist Kent Aschenbrenner. For twenty-five years his height has been the focal point of many conversations in that he is an accomplished musician, vocalist, and song writer rather than a basketball player. Standing 6'-9" tall, fans can literally see why his musical skills are "heads above the rest."  Getaway City also features Doug Walters on drums/vocals, Jayson Aschenbrenner on bass guitar/vocals, and Mike Roth on keyboards. Doug, Jayson, and Mike team up to form one of the best rhythm sections in the area.  Their energy and passion for classic rock is unmistakable and compares well to the musical acts the band pays tribute to. 


Kent Aschenbrenner-Lead Guitar/Vocals/Harp.....

Known by most of his friends as "Big Bird", Kent has been playing in bands for over 25 years. He joined his first band, country-rock band "Misty", in June of 1992 on lead guitar, harmonica and vocals.  "Misty" shared the stage with several national recording artists including the Statler Brothers, Tom T. Hall, Kitty Wells, Grandpa Jones, Dottie West, Marty Haggard, Gene Watson, Bobby Bear, and Clinton Gregory.  "Misty" also competed in and won many of KOEL radio's "Battle of the Bands" contests.  

Kent has also had the opportunity to share the stage with many other well-known local bands and musicians, including Roger Miller (Milk & Honey), Michael Cutsforth (The Wicked Andersons, Remember The Alamo), steel guitarist Lefty Schrage, Bob Guthart, Jeff Isaacs,and many others . Kent is very thankful to have had the chance to get to know and learn from them.

Kent loves music in most all forms.  He likes to chart and write his own music also. His two greatest influences are John Fogerty and Stevie Ray Vaughan. In his spare time, Kent can usually be found in the studio, tinkering in his shop, or riding his 2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. 

Kent farms fulltime on the farm that was homesteaded by his great, great grandparents in 1883.  He is married to his sweetheart Lisa.

Doug Walters-Drums/Vocals.....

Doug has been playing drums and singing music since high school.  A native of Springfield, Ohio, his first band, "Tomorrow's Dream", was a well-known act there for several years. Doug has been actively playing and singing in bands in the Cedar Valley since 2010. 

Doug's smile and laugh are what make him well known to so many people.  The band jokes they haven't played a gig yet where some-one didn't know Doug from somewhere.  

Fans and friends love seeing Doug get behind the drums and play and sing his favorites songs of Santana and the Who and his drum solo on the Safari's "Wipeout" has become a crowd favorite.

Doug's interests and hobbies include flying and aviation.  He has been an avid pilot for most of his life and is on the planning committee for the "Thunder in the Valley" airshows held at the Waterloo Airport.  He has a love for classic cars too, as evidenced by his original 1977 Chevrolet Corvette.  During the fall, Doug is rooting for his Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinatti Bengals.

Doug loves all forms of classic rock & roll, jazz, and music of the big band era.  His favorite groups include Santana, CCR, the Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Cream.

Doug currently owns & operates Cedar Valley Painting.  He is married to his lovely wife Liz and they both enjoy their grandson Austin. 

Jayson Aschenbrenner-Bass Guitar/Vocals.....

Jayson began playing guitar at the age of 11. From the first time he picked up a guitar it was apparent that he had a unique gift for learning songs very quickly. He has an incredible "ear" for being able to listen to a song only a few times and be able to pick out the different parts almost note for note.  

Jayson became an official member of Getaway City the summer of 2012.   Jayson sat in for a few songs on rhythm guitar, and joined fulltime soon afterward.  He now plays bass guitar and is proving that he is one talented, young musician and vocalist-impressing crowds all over with his vocals and skill on the bass.  And if you get the chance, you may just see the ONLY bass guitarist to play behind his back!

Jayson loves classic rock.  His Ipod is full of classic rock songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and early 90's.  When not listening to music, he can usually be found enjoying a good video game on his Xbox, playing basketball, hanging out on the basketball court with his friends, sleeping, or in his Jeep. 

Mike Roth-keyboards.....

Mike was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado.  His interests in music and science started at about age 6, when he began piano lessons from a very kind college student across the street from his home.  His first piano was funded by his namesake Grandfather.

Throughout his youth, Mike developed an appreciation for classic rock and contemporary Christian music.  Mike's early influences include John Denver, the Beatles, Roger Miller, and Eddy Arnold.  Mike says he was the appointed stereo operator & volume boy for his Mother as she cooked and cleaned around the house. 

Mike enjoyed spending much of his time in the mountains and local Poudre Canyon during his school years.  Mike is a graduate of Colorado State University where he holds a degree in physics.  He enjoys teaching immensely and has been a member of the faculty at the universities of New Mexico, Texas, and Northern Iowa.  Mike most recently works in the private engineering sector.

Mike likes to collect antique gadgets as well as paper money and stamps.  He and his lovely wife Diane live in Cedar Falls.  He is also involved in the music ministry at their church. 

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